About us

In 2017 we established the Educational centre Empatium (Zavod Izobraževalni center Empatium). The purpose of the centre is to transfer knowledge and scientifically supported data through lectures, workshops, seminars. The main task is to spread information and to educate professionals and general public in the field of mental health, developmental disorders and possible evidence based supported interventions.


Ajda Demšar, Master’s Degree in Psychology

I graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology in the field of developmental psychology. My professional career started at the health unit of the Centre for Hearing and Speech Maribor and later continued at the Institute for autism and related disorders within the project ZORA – better health for children and adolescents with autism.

I believe in constant improvement and continuous education therefore I am continually upgrading my knowledge in the field of psychodiagnostics (WPPSI-III Ro.p., OBP, etc.) and psychotherapy. I have completed Practicum I and Practicum II. in the field of behavioural – cognitive therapy at the Society for behavioural and cognitive therapy, Slovenia. Also, I have a valid license to conduct EarlyBird Plus groups. A lot of my studying is done abroad, especially in the field of autism (CLASS Clinic in Cambridge, Autism Plus: Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing and Autism, Autism and Challenging Behaviour – it does not have to be like this, etc.) By writing and translating questionnaires, preparing lectures and training courses for professional and general public I am trying to contribute to the expertise of psychology field.



Polona Ogrinc, Master Degree in Psychology

I graduated from the Faculty of Arts in the field of educational psychology, specifically from assertiveness training as a method of preventive work with youth. I have started my career path at the Center za pomoč mladim (Youth Aid Centre Association), where I co-designed the social skills training and other prevention programs for adolescents. After that I moved to Vienna, where I was a teacher-educator working with preschool children. I am currently active in the field of inclusion and involvement of children and youth with special needs in regular classes at school STS Rissen. My daily work focuses on identifying the talents and abilities of all children and using them in their learning process.

Because I believe in constant improvement both in a professional and personal lives, I devote a lot of my time to seminars, workshops etc. Among other things, I conducted a further qualification empowerment of victims in schools and Mobbing No-Blame Approach. I also regularly attend supervision groups.