18th and 19th of May – Dean Smith

We warmly invite you to a two-day workshop, led by Dean Smith, PhD., BCBA, titled “Teaching language and communication skills using Verbal Behaviour“. The workshop will be held in City Hotel Maribor****  on the 18th and 19th of May 2018.

For professionals 200,00 EUR
For parents and students (with valid student card) 160,00 EUR




Outcome objectives:

  • Understand how language and communication skills can be taught to children with ASD and related disorders
  • Understand Skinner’s model of verbal behaviour
  • Learn how to teach echoics (verbal imitation), mands (requesting), tacts (expressive labelling), and intraverbals (simple and advanced conversation skills)
  • Understand how to teach communication skills to children who are non-verbal or who have a limited verbal repertoire
  • Learn how to identify functional language and communication objectives for children with ASD and related disorders